Monday, October 6, 2008

Look into my eyes... Tell me who you see.

I had a difficult day today. Some days are good, some are difficult. And today makes me want to curl up in my bed with Stuey, Marvin, and a good book. Today was a day of 3 showers, of the mail not coming, of changing clothes too many times. I didn't listen to any inspiring music, or watch any inspiring movies. I made an easy and uncreative dinner, and the simplest cookies in the world for dessert.

This is my journal page for today. It's a list (of sorts) of what makes me, me. Or what reminds me to be me. I find that this blog brings me back to creativity, even when that creativity is something simple, like that list.

All day long I check other people's inspiring blogs, and every one of them is just as cyclic as I am. Some days being crafty is easy, some days, a bigger challenge than Everest.

I'll leave you with these lovelies from this evening.

If today were a flavor, it would be vanilla.

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