Monday, January 26, 2009

On haircuts.

I've been thinking about the progression of my hair over the years. Mostly because one of my new year resolutions was to donate it to a good cause. Like wigs for cancer patients. I've been rolling it over and over in my head. One of the biggest reasons I grew it this long in the first place was to donate it because that seems to be the cycle I follow. We'll see what happens.

Chronologically, a journey through my hair.

My own spin on the disaster hair. I liked it at this point. And this is true to what it looks like today. It's about 3 inches longer, but thick and wavy. And I'm still here in Felton (almost 10 months), living with my love, fostering kitties, finding peace in my own heart, and trying to make life work.

Moved to Felton, got a disasterous hair cut. I cried my eyes out. She had cut off more than I wanted and gave me layers. And bangs. Sean loved it, Ally loved it, Mom loved it. I vowed not to cut my hair again until I was ready to cut it all off.

This is the longest my hair had been since high school and I loved the length. Living with Sean in Campbell at our first apartment. We took a day off to go play hookie at the beach. I was working in an office environment and was craving something real. We were talking about moving to Felton, I traded the beamer in for a very cute VW Beetle named Phoebe.

2007. Hadn't cut my hair in about a year and wanted to keep it that way. Sean likes long hair. I was living in Corralitos at the time and having a great time socially, not so much professionally. Sean and I were talking about moving in together and I was thinking of changing professions. I had crashed the Focus into a telephone pole, bought a truck, sold the truck, and was driving an 88 BMW that was a blast to drive.

Winter of 2006, Sean and I had been dating for a few months now. I was living in an apartment near Santana Row... behind the Pink Poodle! I was moving to Santa Cruz for the first time and loving the idea.

Another in between long and short hair. This is right before Sean and I started dating and I was thinking about moving in with Jen. It was also back when my life was stable... before the years of inconsistent jobs and housing.

Another cut. This was a fantastic one, too. Around the same time I did this I began thinking about moving out and moving on.

This is the in between area. In this photo I was dating multiple guys, living in my first big kids apartment on Monterey, working emergency veterinary, partying on the weekends, and slipping into a different sort of life. I worked swing, got off work around 2:00a, went to sleep around 6:00a, woke around 2:00p and did it all over again, 4 days a week. The rest of the time I was painting and dreaming of faraway places and a true relationship.

I loved this hair cut. I had cut it short during a rotten relationship (partly out of spite, partly out of self discovery, partly out of jest) and donated it for the second time (?). I was working as a tech, dating a different emotional wreck of a boy, living back with my mom for a bit, and driving the Focus. That certain boy liked short hair.

About 7 years ago... This was during high school. I was dating my high school sweetheart, working at Petroglyph, traveling on the weekends, and driving the Mustang. It was a time of 7-Eleven Big Gulps, movie marathons at The Twin, and sneaking around parents.

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