Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ally, this is for you. Consider yourself tagged.

25 Silly Things You Wish You Never Knew About Me

1. I used to hate pink. I now believe it to be one of the most lovely colors in the world.
2. I love tea. I mean LOVE tea. My latest is Chocolate Raspberry herbal tea. Mmmmm....
3. I am absolutely and totally in love with three men. Sean, Hugh Laurie, and Tom Selleck. Oh, and Marvin. So three men and the biggest cuddle muffin in the world.
4. I cut off my hair completely and totally to donate it to Locks of Love. I was not ready to have short hair and I am absolutely relieved that I love it.
5. My favorite thing to do when I'm upset or pissed off is to drive. Second, is to take a bath.
6. When my friends come over they always expect something new in the house. Painted walls, re-arranged furniture, new curtains. They are usually correct in assuming something is different.
7. This is the first place I've lived in that feels like my home. I still get excited about the idea of moving.
8. Books make me happy. The more books that are in my house, the more I enjoy being there. One day, I want to have a bookshelf that goes all the way around my room.
9. I dream of having an enclosed porch/sun room. I want purple couches, books, tea cups, twinkly Christmas lights, indoor plants, and butterfly wings.
10. I like to knit. Since I've learned how, I now feel completely idle if I'm watching a movie and doing nothing with my hands.
11. The other day I had my foot caught in my shoe. The lining in my boot was caught on my heel and I couldn't get my foot out. I had an honest to goodness panic moment where my heart was racing and I wanted to cry. I suppose that means I have a fear of not being able to flee/move/breathe.
12. I could live on sushi. It's like tiny orgasms in every bite.
13. I have separate journals for separate things. I have a photo journal, a scrap journal, a thoughts journal, a list journal... It goes on.
14. Speaking of lists, they are the only thing that can keep me organized and on task.
15. I drink about 5 cups of tea (green or white or herbal) and about 10 cups of water in a day.
16. I have about 500 DVD's. It's silly.
17. My favorite mornings are ones that consist of tea, farmers markets, reading art blogs, and granola with Very Vanilla soy milk.
18. I like to watch House because I like to roll the words around in my mouth after the docs say them on the show. Hypoxic, cyanotic, aneurism, eosinophilic, gliobastoma.
19. Words I don't know excite me.
20. Cookbooks are so completely inspiring to me. Unfortunately, I generally like the cooking process more than I like eating the food.
21. My weight fluctuates with what kind of shoes I wear. I'd like to pretend that that's the only factor.
22. I like my work at home job, but hate the paperwork part of it.
23. Sean buys me fresh flowers as soon as the previous ones die. I love that my kitchen table is based upon what colors Sean is thinking about the day he buys flowers.
24. I wish that I were better about remembering the magic in every day life. That being said, when my friends have kids I want to be known as "Fairy Godmother". Even if I'm nowhere near godmother status. I still want to be viewed as magical.
25. My favorite companions are my dog, my tea, my pen, my journal, and my book.

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