Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Thursday!

I like Thursdays around here. For some reason Thursdays seem to know what kind of weather would be perfect for me (for instance, this morning I awoke in the fog, no more than 60 degrees, and a nice wind. The perfect break from 80 degrees and flip flops.), what kind of news I need (financial aid is almost complete. I was getting worried since I hadn't heard anything for 3 months), and that solidarity isn't so bad.

Thursdays I spend alone, listening to the kind of music that makes me happy (today is Fleet Foxes and the Monsoon Wedding soundtrack and OH MY GOD both make me so happy), drinking Vanilla Chai, rearranging things for the weekend, knitting (still working on the shawl and started a picot brim hat with embellishment), and dreaming about what a pay day weekend will bring (is $34.99 too much to pay for one skein of yarn?). Sean is off tomorrow and Saturday, so anything I need to tie up needs to be done today, and I like it that way.

I really like Thursdays. I want to share some of my Thursday lovelies with you.

And I'm completely inspired by this darling thing:

And one more sweet thing for spring:

Have a magical weekend dear readers!

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