Saturday, April 4, 2009

On mornings.

By nature I am not a morning person. My body craves the dark night minutes where creativity strikes with the midnight hour. Awake till 3:00, asleep until noon is where you'll find my happy place.

It's been a struggle since living with Sean, as his job keeps him rising with the sun and setting around 10:30p. Ten thirty! And since I love him so, I usually go to bed when he does, which gives me quite a few hours of awake time in bed, writing, viewing movies, reading...

But the point of the story is, this week I'm awake before noon. Awake before 9:00 even! And I'm enjoying it. It's been a long time since I've experienced mornings. The morning hours are a different kind of magical that tend to get lost in the day to day rush to the office (school). Morning hours bring treasures and dew and fairy forests in the garden. Morning glories unfurl, books that you lost interest in before resting your head have a new vibrancy while read over morning tea, the day seems promising and full of adventure.

I'm glad for this shift, because in two days I cross another thing off my list. I need a sense of adventure and renewed inspiration for this journey.


On another note, here a few goodies from an afternoon stroll yesterday. I want to try a new tradition round these parts where once a week this household partakes in a nature walk. We live in such a stunning place filled with life and inspiration... it's about time we started using it. So yesterday, Sean, Gabe, Mops, Huck, and I explored our favorite beach, poked an anemones in tide pools, jumped from sandstone to sandstone, walked into caves and touched the walls of the world.

I think sometimes good traditions get lost in a world without children. Our world is without children and will be until our friends and families start having babies. So we'll need to make a point to remember the magic.

May your weekend be in the spirit of adventure and magic things.

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