Monday, April 13, 2009


Hoping... That I'm wise enough to make good decisions for the transitional years to come. With school and moves and relationships and all things lovely and difficult.

Loving... Inspirational words that work for my life.

Eating... Goat cheese and tomato grilled cheese on sourdough wheat. This is heavenly.

Drinking... Yogi Tea brand Green tea with Goji berry.

Listening to... Karine Polwart

Wishing... For peace and tranquility in my heart.

Expecting... A lovely package in the mail this week!

Believing... That I can remember and keep the magic I used to feel when I stood in the wind, drove into a red sunset, made flower fairy houses, create something intensely beautiful.

Inspired by... Images and words that look lovely together.

Seeing... A future and a decision not everyone will like, but that feels right for me (us). Also seeing pink carnations and organic cookbooks.

Thinking... I have too many projects going and not enough time to finish them.

Trying... To remember to breathe.

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