Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things I Love on Sunday.

... 1 Up up and away!

... 2 Speaking of freaking adorable, has everyone checked out I have to admit... It has become an unhealthy obsession. Who knew the world had so much cute in it?

... 3 Yes, it feels good.

... 4 More cute! Doggie smiles blog entry on flickr. Love.

... 5 Fair isle knitting! I've only completed one project so far (below), but I love the technique! I like how it's quick but different and how you need to pay attention. I'm working on my second hat now, and then on to some cute mittens (rav link)!!

... 6 Daily inspiration for a homemade life. One Pretty Thing.

...7 Craving something for dinner but can't figure out what it is? Try this freaking awesome website. It asks what you want and then gives you a list of possible recipes. LOVE this on uninspiring cook nights.

I think that's all for today... I have a little bit of a cold and people are coming over and it's hot outside. Looking forward to autumn. :) Have a super weekend.