Friday, July 17, 2009


hat beginnings

Trusting today that my food journey will pay off. It's really hard to say no to ham on rye, or hot wings, or a slice of lasagna with meat. Every time I do it I say to myself "Remember why you do this.". I can't always resist, and that's okay. It's important not to deprive in order to overcome. One day (when I'm not suffering from diabetes, kidney failure, and have narrowly escaped e. coli infection) I will be grateful for these choices.

Grateful today for:
... my favorite women coming to spend the weekend with me
... being encircled in my baby's arms
... hearing "I love you" every day
... pear green tea
... a patient dog who takes his favorite red teddy bear to bed with him at night
... flowers from my garden

Inspired today by:
... indigenous diets
... the scent of my tomato plant
... dreams about unexpected color combination
... songs like these that make me want to dance around my house with a fervor

What's your TGIF today?