Friday, August 28, 2009

Things I Love on Sunday (on Friday)

Okay, doubly lovely post today because I neglected you last week and this week I'll be gone on Sunday. :) Here we go!

... Friends the TV show. This is no surprise to anyone who knows me, but in this time of subtle transition and stagnation, comfort is important.

... Summer reading. Not pictured are: The End of Mr. Y, Gluten Free Girl, and Orlando (I have a problem starting a book and then with getting irritated by the fact that I could have equally started any other book I haven't read. So I do.) What are you reading?

... You might as well kill me with cuteness!! Because I'll be broke buying every single one of these Harry Potter mice for my mom's Christmas tree.

... Why yes, yes I do.

... Hoarding some lovely handspun yarn until one day I will have too many skeins and will put some up in my shop. This is single ply merino/tencel which I call Blueberry Muffin, and the bottom one is 2-ply merino entitled Strawberries and Cream with Choco Drizzle. MMmmmMmm!

... I love EVERYTHING in this shop.

... More awesome headphones! Oh no!

... Oh yeah, I got some of my own and now I'm a cool kid. :D I love them.

... Speaking of headphones... Did you KNOW about this??? On repeat for the last week. Tracks I love: You've Got a Hold on Me, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, and Sentimental Heart. What could be better than M. Ward and Zooey and a WHOLE CD of their goodness?!

Okay you beauties, that's enough for now. Hope you found something here that you liked, too!


Jacqueline said...

So you have their CD? Let me borrow puhlease!!??

HomeOfPie said...

I love Friends. That was the greatest show. They still haven't found something to replace the amazingness that was that show. I really need to get the season DVD's for that and Scrubs :D.