Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In six days of absence...

I updated my etsy shop with some lovely yarn.

I spun my first fingering/sport weight yarn... 323 yards of it! It's Merino/Tencel dyed by Greenwood Fiberworks on etsy (she's one of my favorite sellers... Amazing colors and intense saturation). It turned out really really well, except as I was re-skeining (for the third time... It's a long story) the yarn broke in two places and in my frustration I tied it together (the horror!!) so it's not sell worthy. Which is fine because I think it will make a beautiful little lacy baktus.

I saw Julie and Julia and loved it intensely. Then Mr Lobster and I went to explore a new restaurant and were blown away. I love new. New is good.

We had a little barbeque with a few friends (during which I did not pick up my camera once).

I got a new cup.

And that's all.

I've been feeling under the weather a bit, but today feels like a day of renewal. September is in the air and a vacation is on the horizon. Just exactly what I need. :) Stay tuned for the Sunday loves I neglected to post on Sunday (gotta get around to picking a better day for that!) and some blog and etsy related news!

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Heather said...

I just finished the book Julie and Julia, and I loved it! really want to see the movie now.

Beautiful yarn!