Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello October. (And Best Shot Monday)

Hi you.

October, I must admit, I'd leave my current month for you, any time of the year.

With your delicious apples,
your costumes and celebrations of dead,
your fog,
warm pants,
sweatshirts that feel like hugs,
pumpkin patches,
root vegetables,
knitted socks,
slouchy hats,
Harry Potter,
cinnamon candles,
and crunchy leaves.

October, you're lovely.

This month is a month of reinvention in many ways for me. With the seasons change comes a different rhythm in the days.

Mornings were once spent taking care of business and afternoons were for closing the curtains and beating the heat. Warm weather means e-mails on the patio and iced tea, long walks with the pups, and trips to the beach in tank tops and sarongs. Warm weather is knitting light and airy shawls, lacy slouchy hats, and getting ready to leave in ten minutes flat.

October, you bring me layers that feel like hugs, socktoberfest (in which I'll knit my first pair of socks), Uggs and hot tea, mornings spent huddled by the fire and evenings filled with soup and checkers (because it's too cold and windy for the oceanside). Cooler weather means brisker walks and worrying about putting a sweater on the dog. Crispy leaves and crunching pine needles under my feet. And rain, oh glorious rain! There is nothing like rain falling in the forest... And luckily, I live in the forest.

October, I've been waiting for you since March.

P.S. I couldn't pick just one snapshot for BSM, so here you have four.


Heather said...

What a great post. October really has an energy like no other. There is something about the last gasp before a hard winter, and all that we try so hard to soak in before we are cut off from nature, from warmth, and from much sunlight. I love this month so much as well, and I can't wait to hear about all the fun things that you enjoy

Bonnie Shelton said...

Amazing post! I love this time of year and this makes me want to go home, curl up with my men (husband & cat) and watch Harry Potter while eating hot soup!