Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wednesday Loves

... Khaki capelets? Yes please!

... Socktoberfest! Just feast your eyes on these lovely knitted socks.

Rav page here for these good enough to eat neapolitan socks.

Rav page here. (These red ones are stitchywitch, link below.)

Rav page here. Handspun and glorious!

... This pattern for Transition gloves (rav link). These are so fantastic and I want to CO a pair immediately but am restraining myself because I have too many Christmas projects to work on first. (Photo and project below by stitchywitch on ravelry, so inspiring! Her knitting blog is here.)

... Apple chai. Instead of mixing milk with chai you use apple juice and it tastes like a better version of caramel apple cider.

... Have I told you how much I love bugs? I love them (except for cockroaches) and I especially love when they are made into unexpected things like jewelry and plates.

... Knitted leg warmers. I love them.

That's all for today folks, real life has taken hold and I have a plateful to deal with today. I hope you're all having a magical Wednesday full of the fantastical world.


ally said...

I lovelovelove those leg warmers!!

Wanda said...

I love all your finds! The ring is super cute! :-)

Jacqueline said...

Justin REALLY liked that apple juice and chai idea.