Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good Morning Beautifuls!

As I begin this post, the clock reads 8:59am. I am up before 9:00am on a Sunday. And what a beautiful Sunday.

I'm writing this with a cup of English tea at my side, two kittens (a symphony of purring in my ear) on my shoulder, and glorious fog shrouding the icy redwoods in my front yard. If it weren't so cold outside I would bundle up to take some photos for you. Also, I got the fire going with minimal effort this morning and that is something to stick close to. I'm sorry I've been a slacking blogger lately, I've been rather busy with things like kittens and tea. :)

In reality, I've been busy spinning up a storm and planning my attack for next year in my etsy shop. I have lots of ideas including a frequent buyer program, a fiber club, and maybe some knitted goodness. I've also been working on my first pattern and I'm very excited about it! Not to mention the mile long list of Christmas gifts I'm making this year. To say the least, my hands have been busy.

The two yarns above are in the shop... All ready for the taking! I'm spinning up another beauty right now for a winter solstice giveaway, stay tuned for that in the next few days.

I have to admit that I'm a little astounded as to how well my little shop has done this month! My goal at the beginning of the month was to make 25 sales and here we are (with a week and some change left in the month) with 44 sales! WOW! When I reached 35 sales I made a new goal for myself of 50 sales before January and thanks to all of the amazing support from etsians and blog readers alike, I only have 6 sales to go. Thank you all so so much for your support and for helping make my dreams become a reality.

Speaking of awesome and supportive people... Check this out! My beautiful friend Wanda spun up one of my rovings (in the Ford colorway) the same day she received it in the mail! And she did a gorgeous job.

One more awesome and creative person used my Riverbed colorway as a base fiber for this beauty.

I'm in the process of ordering more un-dyed fiber and I've stocked up on some beautiful dyed roving from other talented etsians, so keep an eye on the shop in the coming month for awesome gifts for the knitter/crocheter in your life.

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