Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello my lovelies...

I'm sipping on Vanilla Caramel tea (with milk and a tiny bit of brown sugar... You would not believe how amazing this stuff is. It smells like cookies.) in my newly cleaned house. There is a lovely fire burning in the wood stove, candles burning on the bookshelves, and Dean Martin crooning through my stereo. It's nice here, I wouldn't trade it.

Today I cleaned like a mad woman. I even got up early to do it so I could spend my afternoons the way I like to. I dusted, scrubbed, reorganized, vacuumed, purged, and picked up every single one of the 250 Q-Tips I spilled all over the inside of the bathroom cupboard yesterday. And I feel better because of it. My usual rest spot in my home is my little knitting corner... Which has a great view of the bedroom, office space, bathroom, and kitchen. The problem is when I'm sitting in this spot trying to get some blogging/spinning/knitting done and I can see the dirty dishes in the sink, cat hair stuck to the carpet, and piles and piles of unruly filing taking over my desk. Not conducive to yarn-like relaxation.

But now the house is clean and smelling delicious!

So here I sit with my yummy delicious tea, some photo editing, and a tiny little kitten who has made it her personal mission to kill me with cuteness. I finished that gorgeous yarn (up there^) yesterday (while I was putting off all the cleaning I did today) and I'm very proud of it. It's spun quite evenly and the colors are just lovely (purchased the roving from FreckleFaceFibers). I've named it Never Land. It's 90% merino, 10% tussah silk, light fingering weight and the yardage is around 400 yards. And I think it's a beauty. It will be updated to the shop on November 15th.

Speaking of etsy, as I've been sitting here writing to you I've made two sales! Selling wares is a funny thing... When it rains it pours, it seems. Today I took new product pictures of all of my yarn and I think it gives the shop a nice professional look (take a look, tell me what you think). Next is to re-photograph all the roving, but that's for another day.

For right now, I'm loving my tea, Dino, and spending my afternoon in peace.

And bless you, cloudy and cold weather. I've missed you.

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Chantel said...

Ooooohhhhh....I am going to have to try that with my Vanilla Caramel tea! That sounds delish. Love the new handspun yarn and I agree that your new photos give a professional air to your shop. Good work and congrats on successful sales. Can't wait until I get my lovely!