Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye 2009!

As I sit here (post tai chi, wet hair, steaming mate, dense fog) in this space I've come to hold so dear, I can't help but be a little sad to see this year go. Normally I jump at the chance for new starts, (new adventures, new time) with little regard to the trail I leave behind me. But in this past year I've certainly embraced a different sort of life than I'm accustomed to...

So here are some things from 2009 that made my year of 'reinvent'ion incredible.

Knits knits and more knits! Bless the gorgeous woman who sat me down with some knitting needles and a scowl to show me the beauty of string.

Oh, and don't forget the yarn yarn yarn yarn!

Finding a direction. Who would have thought I would be throwing myself (albeit hesitantly) back into college? Learning about Nutrition and TCM has caused me to want to lend my life to the cause. Step one, go back to school, make up for lost time, clean up the mess I left when I dropped out (less than gracefully) 5 years ago. Well on my way.

My etsy shop (which is up and running and updated!).

A slower paced world. Full time school, part time work (which mostly includes spinning yarn at this point) is a strange (and welcome) shift from a full time desk job. While I'm still learning my boundaries (how many days is too long to go without leaving the house?) and perfecting my rhythm, my world has most certainly slowed down this past year.

Kittens! So many kittens this year and while I certainly enjoyed kitten season lasting until December (house full of cuteness!), spay and neuter your cats, people! You'd save a lot of people a lot of heartache and stress. No to mention kitty lives.

Reflecting on these things makes them seem so small... Yet when placed in day to day routines, they become giant and beautiful, whole and worthy. I'm happy to be taking much of 2009 with me into 2010.

Stay tuned for my 2010 word and please have a safe and joyous new year! The Lobster and I will be cooking a yummy dinner and playing it low key... That's just my style.

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Home of Pie said...

You are such an inspiration Brie. Thank you for being the person the rest of us aspire to be. You are the loveliest of the lovely!
PS This freak show will be coming to visit you soon. I am restless on my feet and itching to hold a certain one-eyed-wonder. :)