Tuesday, December 8, 2009


... My deck is frozen, so my pups don't want to go outside (cold paws!).
... Hot tea, English style.
... A gift certificate giveaway (handspun yarn makes a great gift... you have until Thursday so spread the word!).
... The Lobster made a fire for me before he left for work so I wouldn't freeze when I got my lazy bum out of bed.
... A batt obsession after spinning up the most amazing moonrover goodness yesterday (Lacey is my spinning hero... Amazing stuff!).
... I also spun up some of my own SW merino roving and listed it for sale.
... Seu Jorge.
... Geoffrey puts his foot in the water bowl before taking a drink and then he walks around for an hour shaking his paw every few steps. I pretend not to notice.
... Etsy sales!
... Trying to get on top of Christmas knitting.
... Speaking of Christmas... I'm so glad the sun left for a few days so I could get in the Christmas spirit and decorate my tree!
... Putting together a future blog post of things I love.
... Uggs and an over sized sweatshirt.

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Anonymous said...

sniff, a chance for a giveaway, i can''t insert any of the profiles :( cos i am anon. oh well ,a bit more drooling until i buy next year... :) yaaay
love reading your ''life'' and wool :) xx Carole