Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hodge Podgy Goodness

I've started about a million (well, more like 5, but you know.) blog posts over the past few weeks only to be interrupted (pleading puppy eyes, USPS at my door, important e-mails) and hit 'save' thinking "I'll come back to you later". Later doesn't usually happen. So here are the beginnings of a couple posts all smooshed together for your reading pleasure.


Where do your inspirations hide?

Do your ideas hit you in the shower? In the car, open roads and play list set to "Sing"? Between the pages of magazines and pretty catalogs?

Mine are here...

In my ipod set to 1000+ songs of Alanis
Indigo Girls
Stephanie Dosen
Emiliana Torini
Po' Girl
Be Good Tanyas
Deb Talen

In my favorite tea cups... I have two, so when one is dirty, one is in use.
Ginger peach black tea with alfalfa honey.

In stolen rays of sunshine across the hardwood floors.



The novelty wears off and rain becomes rain, outed electricity becomes a HUGE inconvenience, thunder makes me yell at the dog for being a big puss, and mud puddles become wet feet and foot prints on the clean floor.

I love my landlords. They're the best neighbors I know, full of wisdom and saw dust.

Create a vision board.
Cook more and eat out less.
No fast food.
Hit 500 sales in my shop.
Save at least half the money I need to open a LYS.
Lose weight.


I have some spinning and gift knitting to do tonight and many of my lovely (I mean LOVELY) customers have sent me awesome pictures of their creations with theurchiness yarn and roving and I need to get those together and organized for your viewing pleasure. Also, I finished the most amazingly cute knitting project for a very special person and as soon as I give it to her I will show you all. You'll die. Just... die.

I'll be back soon! Hope you all had a magical weekend and that tomorrow is smooth sailing. I love Mondays.

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