Sunday, January 3, 2010

In the shop...


Sea Stained


I just realized I haven't told you what was going on the shop lately...

I debuted a usable art yarn collection for 2010 and they're flying off the shelves (so to speak)! "Play" is part of that series and it's one of the last left.

There will be a nice big roving update this week, looking forward to cooking up some great color for you! There will be BFL, rambouillet, and superwash merino. If you're looking for specific colors, now is the time to let me know!

Fiber club sign ups will open in February for March, April, May, and June so if you're interested in 4 months of delicious spinning delight, stay tuned!

Two more sales to reach 75, buy two and get a free gift!

Okay, enough advertising.

Speaking of advertising, my ad went live on ravelry yesterday. It's a notebook ad, right under the navigation list on the left. If you're a raveler and it turns up in your notebook, would you pretty please take a screen shot for me? I'd be forever grateful.

Today is brunch with friends, possibly a movie, and a little house cleaning. Hope you're having a peaceful and productive Sunday!


craftygal86 said...

I love Play! Just curious, have you seen finished products of items made from your yarn? Would be really neat to see what people have created from them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brie
i have a pic from Ravelry for YOU. i sent it to your gmail, but it ''bounced'' back is there another mail i can send it to ?? Carole XO