Sunday, January 31, 2010

A new rhythm...

We've begun to settle into a new kind of home. This home only has two kitties, but they are well loved. There are less cuddles to go around, but the lobster doesn't have to sleep with his feet hanging off the bed. There are less kitty kisses that smell like cat food and chives, but my window garden is growing.

Today I'm feeling much more emotionally capable... The dishes have been done, the lobster is home from his trip (useless, because he's sore, dehydrated and exhausted, but home.), a decision has been made (we're staying in this humble abode until the end of the year... YAY!), and I've thrown myself back into school and work.

Speaking of work... Shop news.

First, my yarn was featured on the front page of etsy! Oh my goodness! That's me, in the bottom right hand corner... my pretty bamboo yarn, Rumpelstiltskin.

Second, fiber club spots are going to open in the middle of February for March, April, and May.

Third, Fiber update has been postponed a week or two, look for it before Valentine's Day.

I think that's all the shop news for now... Things have been slow there on my end (not on yours, though! I reached my monetary sales goal for January and I'll be making a huge donation to Docs w/o Borders tomorrow... I'll let you know the total when I tally it all up. You guys rock.) but I'm hoping to pick things back up this week.

In other news... Are you ready to die from the cute?

I knit this little creature up last week for my bff and she loved him. I used leftover sock yarn and size 1 needles that made my fingers want to fall off, but he is totally worth it. Here is the pattern (rav link) for those interested. The pattern was really well written and easy to follow... All of the shaping is done with short rows! So clever.

A bit of blog news...

I'm still working (in between other types of work like homework and design work) on the kinks here on the blog so be patient with me. The side bars are still a mess and the navigation bar isn't working yet, and I noticed an issue with comment spacing. Be patient with me! :)

I've decided to add a new weekly feature... I want to try 52 lists this year. Once a week until next January, similar to hulaseventy (add this blog to your follow list immediately. She is so inspiring!) and borrowing prompts from

And I promise to bring back "Things I Love" soon.

I think that's it for me right now... Sean and I have a big night of burritos and Netflix planned. What are you guys up to this fine and sunny Sunday?


Beylah said...

I was particularly excited to see such a happy, positive and inspired/inspiring Brie post.

"Things I Love" about your blog post:
1. The list idea. I am obsessed with making lists, and think that's a fabulous idea! I love lists so much I am making one right here (in case you hadn't noticed).
2. Those pictures of Mops and your adorable octopus! Please tell me you're going to make some prints of those and put them up in your home. Perhaps near your aquarium to continue to sea life theme?
3. You're staying in the area until the end of the year (hopefully at least). I second your yay!
4. You were featured on etsy! So exciting... they always have the best handpicked items so you should be really proud! I am. :)

P.S. Where did Sean go that he's sore and useless? :)

chrisbear said...

I would leave a comment...

but I died from the cuteness.