Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Take THAT high school HTML!

Whoa! Things look a bit different around here, non? New layout, new header, static pages? I've been saying that I wanted a blog as a web page for a very long time... A place that is calm, yet pretty, a place for inspiration, for customer images, my blog, an about me page, and so forth. In a moment of weakness I considered buying design services (maybe one day), but in a moment of clarity a few days ago I remembered that I'm awesome. It took some motivation and some hard to come by gumption (remember the 2010 word? BRAVE.) and a moment (or ten) to get over the fear of failure, but I cleared my previous template and started anew. It was terrifying and cleansing all at the same time. But, you know...

I like it. Things are still in the first stages and while the design and layout are pretty close to finished, the sidebars (over there --->) are a work in progress, as are the navigation tags (up there ^). Be patient with me as I work out the kinks, I'm doing my best! If you find a kink that you think I'm not aware of (and it's very very possible), please feel free to e-mail me at

And as much as things have been upside down here in my online space... My house was worse.

Where's the couch? This mess is a combination of sewing new curtains (is it really necessary to take everything out of the linen closet to do this? Yes.) and roving dye day and 'please can you put up some new shelves for me?'. Luckily things are looking more like this now:

So I don't think Sean is still considering leaving me for someone neater. Because someone neater wouldn't have found a stack of mason jars to use for flour and sugar and such buried in the bottom of the aforementioned linen closet, and they wouldn't have been able to turn vintage twin sheets (thanks Mom!) into pretty and airy curtains (have I mentioned how much I love my vintage sewing machine?).

And dye day was a success, there are only a few braids of roving left in my shop, so get them while they last! I do so love dyeing roving, I just wish my home were better set up to handle it. As it is my lovely ikea table is no longer an pretty unstained wood... It's rather pink, actually. And I use the cat tree as a drying rack (much to Marvin's chagrin).

A few other things before I let you get on with your day...

Avatar was good. Only way to see it is in 3D, though.

I finished my first FO of 2010 and I LOVE it. Made with amazing yarn by my spinning hero, moonrover.

I miss this face (even though I just saw it). While we're at it, I miss this face, this face, and this face, too. Oh alright, these faces, too.

Okay, that's all for now. Today is homework, The Kooks, spinning, tuna casserole, and working some more on getting this site in working order. Thanks for your patience and your help and your smiling faces!

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