Thursday, February 18, 2010

list three: Things I love about February (or... A reminder that February doesn't suck as much I think it does.)

* Daffodils bloom in February
* There's a week of 70 degree weather (we are at the tail end of it today, but it was sunny on my birthday last year, so here's hoping!)
* Nobody except me, my dogs,  and hardcore surfers go to the beach in February
* My birthday
* Rainy weather means sleepy days of spinning and watching Private Practice marathons
* Three cup of tea days
* February means there are at least two more months to wear wool
* Two shower days
* The rain sort of blurs the line between earth and sky and turns everything into a giant mud puddle
* The smell of wet pine needles
* Flooded highways mean putting off errands
* Those fluffy yellow trees bloom and smell like spring time
* Garden planning
* It's the shortest month of the year

1 comment:

wishful nals said...

i love garden planning! my first time with an actual garden! xo!