Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things I love (on Etsy) today.

... ForStrangeWomen on etsy is a woman after my own heart. Amazing photography and funky natural fragrance.

... This is my dream outfit. Seriously. Give me some bright red heels and a maybe a purple tank for under the cardigan and I'm in heaven.

... I'll take some silver needle white tea, please. These tea cups would complement the top above, perfectly!

... And a gorgeous accessory to go with that top, too? I'm sensing a theme, here.

... I need to knit me a pair of these... I love the way they look with heels!

... I am 100% completely obsessed with this artist. I want one of everything, seriously!

... This is a perfectly acceptable Valentine's present in my book.

And check out what my dear friend Chantel found... I love them! And more than that, I loved Chantel's take on what the necklace could contain... You must check her out!


The Loft said...

I LOVE those leg warmers. While I COULD buy those, I think I'll just whip some up this weekend with my crochet hook!

If nothing else, these other ladies certainly do inspire!

Chantel said...

Thank you for including me today! I love that locket! I also adore the cardigan you included. I especially like the sleeves...sophisticated, artistic, and snuggly all in one.