Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Afternoons are made of this...

Well, wordy Friday got away from me there, didn't it?  Oh well, today is a new day... With puppies and tea and yarn, oh my!

It's been a busy week for me.  Between the shop update on Monday, taking my dog to urgent care (he got something stuck in his soft pallet... I swear that dog will be the end of me.  Or at least drive me to financial ruin.), then new foster puppies who are a whole giant mess of cuteness and work, seeing Alice in Wonderland (go see it, it was great.), and more errands than I can count, I have no idea where the time went.

I'm still trying to get some stitches in now and then... What are you all working on these days?  I'm knitting up a gorgeous orchids and fairy lights (rav link) hat in a super soft cotton blend.  It's a little slow going and it's my first time making bobbles!  They're kind of annoying, but I think the end result will be worth it.  And again, I thank the knit goddess that is grumperina for her awesome tutorial on cabling without a cable needle.

I'm sitting here with my third cup of tea (late night last night in the world of Underland) and there are two little puppies bouncing about with unspun superwash corriedale bits hanging out of their mouths.   This morning I spent finishing up an English essay and dyeing up some lovely roving for the update next week.  And I took pictures of my process so that I may share it with you!  I still need to edit the photos, but keep an eye out for a dyeing tutorial soon.

I've also been doing lots and lots of research and brainstorming for my etsy shop (and eventually the lys I hope to open).  There are some exciting new things happening this year!  I can't believe how much time and effort goes into having your own business...  I'm passionately loving every little hiccup.  Because what could be better than sleeping in every day, playing with puppies while photos upload, and watching Mad Men while packing up orders?  (Speaking of Mad Men, omg I am SO glad Joanie didn't leave for good and thank goodness Betty is marrying someone else, and when the heck does season 4 start?)

Tonight I'm off to the in-laws for dinner and tomorrow is a housework day.  I'll be back next week with a dye tutorial and a shop update on Wednesday at 1:00p PST.

Happiness is a huge basketful of puppy toys, is it not?

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Audreyrose said...

I love that hat pattern! I totally queued it. It's an upside of living in the northwoods, I can wear hats all year:)
I can't wait for your dye tutorial!