Saturday, May 1, 2010

So what do you think? (And a giveaway!)

Okay... -big sigh-.  I am feeling much more like myself now and I'm super excited to share my new project with you!  If you haven't already, head on over to Fall Creek Fibers and poke around.  Eventually this blog will find its way over to the FCF (Fall Creek Fibers) domain and when that happens I will be sure to let you know to update your bookmarks/feeds.  The idea is to have everything 'theurchiness' packed into one convenient identity where you can shop, read, and learn about all things fiber!  The tutorial link section is packed full of helpful tidbits (as well as some interesting places to get your blog fix) and at some point there will be a FCF tutorials section.

As for the shop.  Well.  I'm stoked about it.  It will stock everything from SOAK (for your fiber, quilting, and delicates), gifts for knitters (we have some amazing partnerships in the works for things like knitters hand balm and notions/needle/drop spindle cases), and everything you could need for creating your own handspun.  Drop spindle kits, dye kits, un-dyed roving, etc.  Not to mention all of the handspun and hand dyed roving you've come to expect from theurchiness (and a new line of colorways in the earth tones you love).  And I'm taking my hand to dyeing some sock yarns... Because you can never have too much indie dyed sock yarn.

The transition will be slow, and I can't imagine ever completely shutting down my etsy shop (because I do love it so), so for a while you'll still be able to find me as theurchiness.  The idea is that by the end of 2010 the shop will be in full swing and I have lots of exciting things planned for the launch.

Starting with...  A giveaway (or three)!

Yep, that's right.  I'm giving away a spot in my fiber club!  One lucky reader (open to everyone, even international!) will be shipped an exclusive fiber club colorway for the months of June, July, and August.  All you have to do is visit Fall Creek Fibers and leave a comment on this post telling me what else you'd like to see there (products you'd buy, resources you could use, tutorial ideas, etc).  If you're already a fiber club member, not to fret!  You can still enter the giveaway and get a double dose of fiber or use this winning to renew your membership when your three months are up.  This giveaway will go on for three weeks, comments will close on May 22, and I'll announce the winner (via on Monday, May 24.

For those of you who wouldn't know what to do with roving if it bit you, we have a non-fiber related giveaway scheduled for Wednesday, May 5, so do check back then!

And on Tuesday there will be a (theurchiness) (this is going to get confusing) shop update at 11:00a PST.

And on Friday, May 14 there will be another non-fiber related giveaway.

It's a busy and exciting time for us all!

Thank you to everyone for your love and support, I couldn't do this without you!  Now get commenting for the fiber club spot!

PS You can read more about the fiber club here.  And gossip about it here.


Brianna said...

I totally love the new site! Good luck with everything!

Chantel said...

I have already mentioned this before, but I think you should make WIP bags with your new logo. Also, I think a great tutorial would be how to ply with a drop spindle, though I know you have switched to your Ashford.

Sarah said...

The new site and plans look and sound exciting. Congrats on taking a big step forward!

I'd love to see dyeing tutorials, since I'm starting down that road myself. And of course, anything on spindles. I'm a dedicated spindler myself.

Jacqueline said...

More pictures! So happy you're past the deadline!

Jenifer said...

I think your new site looks great. It seems like you've got your bases covered. Maybe some branded T-shirts and the like?

ikkinlala said...

I think your site looks great, and all the things I'd like to see there (that I can think of at the moment) are either there already or mentioned as coming soon - one of the things I like in an online shop is to have the shipping information listed, for example.

Ady Bee said...

I would love to see WPI tools, citric acid etc. I'd love to be able to get fiber, dyes, tools & acid all in one place.

For tutorials, plying methods are always fun & there are so few good videos out there for things like navajo plying. Or arty-yarnie-type techniques.

This new site looks great so far, love the branding & I look forward to watching it blossom throughout 2010. Well done!

laila aka rawfish said...

the new site looks so amazing brie!
i love the layout & the extras page.
the script-y font can be a bit hard to read in small sizes, but that is so minor. i can't wait to see the transition!! :) good luck with everything :D

EVA SB said...

I love the site design with all those cuddly sheep - it is both clean and cute.
I would suggest a help or a FAQ page.
First thing I look for on a site is whether they do international shipping and how much it costs.
Some sites do this through the 'contact' page but I have a short attention span and the lag time involved in waiting for an email answer is enough to send me elsewhere.

pkennedy274 said...

Maybe carry a small assortment of shawl pins? Shawls are so 'in' now.
Or any unique buttons you come across?
Good luck! It looks great!

Audreyrose said...

Oh hai Brie :)
I love your new site! Of course I'd love a tutorial about...corespinning! I still can't quite get it figured out. Or maybe a wheel basics thing, troubleshooting (what to adjust if you're over-spun, underspun, your yarn breaks often etc.)
How exciting!

Erin said...

Hmmm! I mentioned this one already, but I'd definitely love to see a BFL/silk blend in the fiber department. ;)

In terms of content, I'd love to see maybe something on finishing handspuns - there's some stuff out there in webland, but nothing that I've found to be really well laid out and easy to understand. Admittedly, I've muddled out a process for myself, but it was one of the things I would have found really beneficial when I started spinning. :)

Erin said...

Oh! And buttons! I'm on a button kick, so I'm definitely on the look out for unique buttons! (Especially wood!)

Audry said...

The site looks lovely.

Although, I think that the navigation should be uniform. It is a little strange that it moves to the bottom of the "shop" page.

Maybe you can add a section for photo's of people's handspun with your roving.

Virtue Natural said...

The shop's coming together wonderfully!

How about some Fall Creek Fiber Batts! A Batt Club too! :)

lylian.mae said...

I'm so loving your new look. :)
Have you considered offering a drop spindle kit? Will you be carrying any stitch markers? That would be good for knitter's gifts. Everyone needs those. Don't forget the row markers, too.

For the house you could make fabric covered button magnets. I'll get you directions for how to if you would like it. It's t-shirt transfer paper, printer, fabric, an iron, fabric covered buttons, needle nosed pliers, hot glue and magnets. Easy afternoon project you and Mops can enjoy.

Did you ever get a chance to check out those bee bars for your hands while braiding?? That might be another thing to carry.

Resources...perhaps some choice books that have helped you learn along the way. The Intentional Spinner is a good book for wheel spinning. Respect the Spindle is another one. Perhaps some lovely knitting patterns you've made.

oonagh said...

would love to see more of everything!!
seriously though, it looks like if you fill those categories, you'll carry a well-rounded line of fiber and tools.....

-oonaghfibersmyth on ravelry

InJuneau said...

Since you're going to be selling undyed fibers and yarns, it might be cool to also sell dyes so that people can get everything they need in one place.

(InJuneau on Ravelry)

StephCat said...

love the flock of sheep, very cute. Nice clean design to the site.

items: stitchmarkers, needle gauges (pretty ones), WPI tools

The Coffee Diva said...

Love the new site! I'd love to see tutorials about anything and everything.

Emily said...

I also like the sheep very much :) It might be nice to link to some patterns that you feel would be good matches for your colorways.

jenniem on Ravelry

|chee-uh| said...

I like colours that are not as contrasty. Drop spindle videos are also helpful as I can't afford a wheel right now. I'd love to see troubleshooting videos as opposed to how-to ones.

Anonymous said...

Okay couple ideas:

Tutorial knitting/wheel videos possibly.

A customers tab. Top customers and Feedback

Maybe a weekly poll of some sort in order to see what you customers wants or something.

Once things get rolling, a FAQ page on your About tab.

Just some random ideas. Good luck Brie! : )

Desiree said...

Hi! I'm a new reader to the site, I found you from another knitting blog. I think that it's great you are taking a chance and starting something.
I'm a knitter and a spinner. One of the things that I am always most interested in, is how the colors in the roving are going to appear in the finished yarn. I think that it would be really awesome if your new site (love the sheep btw!) had step by step pics/ a tutorial on how to set up color changes. I would also be interested in coordinating colorways. Sometimes... it's nice to be able to extend my budget and my fiber for a project! My final thought/ suggestion is that I would love to see a gallery page of submissions from your and your readers with completed projects/ and pictures of yarn. I love to see what other people are doing (although that usually just makes me want to buy more fiber ;)!).
Best Wishes!

frecklegirl726 said...

Love the new site, and love the logo! :)
I second the dyeing tutorials idea, and also, I'd love to see dying kits! (undyed fiber, dyes, and anything else you need, I suppose!)
Also, I'd love to see a page of your yarns or other peoples' handspuns from your fiber knitted up! I think it would be fun to see things made from the fiber. :)



Karen said...

Congrats on your new store!I just ordered my first drop spindle and am excited to learn how to spin...have only been knitting for 1.5 yrs........all so fun & exciting!