Monday, June 14, 2010

The flowering cactus in my garden finally bloomed!

Good morning my beautifuls.

It's my favorite kind of morning. The lobster is still snoozing, it's wonderfully foggy outside (with a hint of the warmth to come this afternoon. These kinds of days are my favorite probably because they remind me of October and new beginnings.), the smell of jasmine is wafting through my open window and I'm bundled up in warm but flowy clothes with my yerba mate latte. Mops has crawled back into bed to sleep in with Sean (please don't get me wrong, we don't allow him to sleep in the bed with us at night. A different lifetime ago Sean used to get up at 5:00a to go to work and when he would leave in the mornings he used to put Mops up on the bed with me to keep me warm. The habit stuck and now Mops eats his breakfast promptly at 7:00a and then hops up on the bed to sleep in.) and the kittens have full bellies (for the moment) and for a few blissful moments things are peaceful.

Today I'm going to dye up some more roving for the shop and there is a promise of a yummy soy chai from my favorite coffee shop later on. I had a busy weekend of updates and I've unfortunately come to the conclusion that luxury blend yarns are going to be temporary for Fall Creek Fibers. In fact, Fall Creek Fibers may be taking a much different direction than I originally had planned. I worry that in being a supplier of wheels, parts, dye, undyed, I'm going to lose the part of the process that I love so much, the process of creativity. Of pouring color onto wool and being delightfully surprised every time by the vividness of the colors seeping into (my clothes, hands, counter) the fibers. So I'm working on a revamp of the website, stay tuned in for more news as it progresses. As it stands I'm not sure in which direction I am more strongly pulled, but time will tell.

In other (more personal) news, my vegan adventure is going great! Only a few minor set backs (I ate cheese twice and I caved on an egg sandwich when we were decidedly out of food) and I feel fabulous. I've lost 12 pounds in a month, my morning sniffles are at bay, and my energy levels have been off the charts! I have noticed that when I eat bread I feel pretty crappy so I'm going to try to stay away from that this week and my body has strangely decided that heart burn shall plague me from sun up to sleepy time, so I'm not thrilled with that. Need to eat more base foods and less fruit juice. Also, the month of no eating out has gone really well. We did go out once to a vegan/veggie restaurant that sort of rocks my world but I gave myself one slip up, so I don't feel poorly about it. I'm going dress shopping with my sister and company next week so maybe I'll give myself two slip ups this month. Working on being kinder to myself about set backs and mistakes. Plus this month has been pretty extreme for me for it's only natural to want to rebel a little.

Anyway, I have a lot of packages to ship off from my super busy update weekend (thanks so everyone who has helped me reach 400 sales!!!) and then I need to get some more goodies in order to fill up my shop. I hope you are all having a magical Monday and an even more magical week ahead. Much love!


Jacqueline said...

12 pounds in one month! That's amazing! I'm happy with 1 pound a week. But I haven't really given up anything, just eating less. I wouldn't mind giving up dairy but there's no way I could give up my morning sprouted wheat toast with pesto and an egg on top. It's my favorite part of the day!

chrisbear said...

I don't mean to be a buzzkill, but are you sure 12 lbs in one month is healthy?