Thursday, June 3, 2010

On food.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about eating habits and food in general (as is my custom when the weather turns warm and veggies fill my refrigerator and when I'm going to school for nutrition) and I've decided to make some changes.

First, I've been dabbling in the idea of giving up fish for about six months now and I've decided that this is the time.  I don't eat fish very often any more (basically only when we go out for sushi) but shrimp is a pretty regular part of our diet at home.  It's easy to cook and a good compromise between vegetarian food and the lobster's meat eating ways.  But in light of the tragedy happening in the Gulf of Mexico and the fact that Sean and I took a vow of no eating out for the month of June (more on that in a minute), no fish this summer.  I feel better knowing that I'm doing a very small part to help stop over fishing especially during this fragile time.  And, I've decided to donate 20% of every sale in my shop for the month of June to help clean up our mess down there in the gulf.  And then Sean and I will match the end total...  I hope this will be enough to save a few pelicans.

Second, the 'no eating out' thing.  When we eat at home we are very conscious of the food we're putting in our bodies, but the unfortunate fact is that Sean doesn't like to cook and I'm often beat by the end of the day and the last thing I want to do is stand in my (super tiny and uncomfortable) kitchen and be creative with food.  So we grab a sandwich, Chinese, a burrito from down the street.  Too much.  We've been eating non-home cooked meals about 3 days a week and not only is that not good for your health, it's not good for your pocket money or your waist line, either.  At the beginning of the year I cut out fast food (and have not had fast food since 2009 except for some onion rings in the middle of nowhere and for Sean's birthday dinner... bleh.) and so for my mid-year goal I'm going to be more aware of eating out habits.  So far so good.  Yesterday my brother and his adorable girlfriend (and Courtney and co.!) stopped by on their way to sushi.  How strong am I that instead of sushi I stayed home to make egg over pasta?  SO strong.

Third, the dairy thing.  I really don't eat that much dairy.  No milk ever (don't like it and I'll never go back after finding the nectar of the gods (read: Vanilla Rice Milk)) and light on the cheese, please.  Except that lately I haven't been so light on the cheese.  Lately Sean's been buying bagels and whipped cream cheese for breakfast and I bought the most delicious goat cheddar cheese and Trader Joe's has the most to DIE for extra sharp cheddar ever.  It seems I used up all of my foodie strength when I said no to sushi.  Now, the thing about dairy is that I'm mildly lactose intolerant so I get really uncomfortable if I eat too much cheese... That doesn't usually stop me from eating it.  But my new vow is to listen to my body.  If dairy is making me ill, I'll stop.  Promise.  Oh, and no butter.  I have a weakness for toast with butter but I'm hoping to find a reasonable substitute so as not to encourage my body to crave dairy products.

Fourth, I'm taking my cookbooks out of my cupboard.  I'm not sure where I'm going to put them, but since I put them in there to save space, I haven't taken them out once.  And the internet is sort of a poor substitute for flipping pages.

So there you have it, a healthier summer.  There's really no excuse for anything but the most amazing home cooked meals... Seeing as how in Santa Cruz there is a farmer's market almost every day of the week and they are filled to the brim with organic delicious produce.

Oh, and two words for you.  Bacon avocado.  Go, buy, die of amazingness.

P.S. I finished something lovely.
P.S.S.  Tutorial on the magic of blocking tomorrow.


Ashley said...

Those sound like some really great goals! mmm trader joes chevre goat cheese is fantastic!
I also try not to eat out during the week. The weekends I'm a little more lenient because we often go out with friends. what really helps me is that on Sunday afternoon I pull out the cookbooks, magazines, and favorite websites and plan out our meals for the week. That's also when I make my shopping list and do the grocery shopping. If I already have the meals planned and the ingredients in the fridge I'm less likely to pick something up instead. Also, if there's prepping I can do ahead of time, I'll do that on Sunday too. That way after work it doesn't take as long to prep the meals. For us, 3 meals in the week is enough, the other nights are leftover nights. good luck with everything!

Jacqueline said...

Toast and olive oil is my substitute for butter.

The Litter Box House said...

Earth Balance is the perfect butter substitute. I LOVE IT. MMMmmmmm...

And if you're cutting dairy, my favorite grated Parmesan substitute is from Joann Stepaniak Uncheese cookbook: 1/2 cup blanched almonds (sometimes I don't blanch to save time), 2 tbsp nutr yeast flakes, 1/4 tsp salt. Blend together. Double or triple recipe and store in fridge. Perfect on spaghetti.

We've eaten out too much as well. I like the idea of a month of no eating out. We've cut back to 1 or two a week, but we can do better.

Good luck with your plans!