Monday, September 13, 2010

Excuse my absence...

First I had wedding brain.  Don't they look gorgeous??

I still haven't gone through even half of the 1200 pictures I took, but I've gotten some really really cute ones so far.  I'll definitely share more as they develop.  The joy in these photos will make you cry.  Promise.

Then I had work brain.

The September Tea Club is shipping out today and man is it delicious.  I can't stop drinking it!  It's called Lavender Biscotti and it pretty much tastes exactly like lavender flavored cookies.

And then I got this amazing light from my parents storage (along with a bunch of other stuff like a vintage JC Penney bike from the 70's.  Which is cool.) and it makes makes taking photos a dream.

It makes rocks look glam.

And now we're dealing with a sick pup.  I'll spare you the details, but it's gross.

Everyone send healing thoughts.

And I've decided to extend the giveaway for a week to give more people a chance to enter.  So keep spreading the word!

Also, fiber update tomorrow in the etsy shop!

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Home of Pie said...


Your blog keeps me happy. Also, so do the wedding photos.

Hope Huckleberry Finn feels better soon (When did my spelling and grammar get so atrocious??? Like seriously, I am in higher education? What?)!