Friday, October 22, 2010

Etsy Gift Guide: For the Hippie at Heart

I'm turning my weekly etsy loves posts into gift guides for the holidays.  We'll return to your regularly scheduled programming after the holiday season.

This guide is for your friends that love trees and dirt, peace and love, and all things eco friendly.  These people also refer to the earth as 'our mother' and have a LOT of bumper stickers on their simple but functional cars.  Luckily for you (their loved ones), these people are modern day hippies and shower regularly.

1. Irish Gold Hobo Bag by jennjohn to carry your refillable water canteen
2. Feather and Leather Hair Piece by WolfPackTribal for everyday wear
3. Gold Plated Geode Necklace by Solisjewelry for a Saturday night poetry slam

4. Reusable Produce Bags by Kootsac for farmer's market adventures
5. Eco Friendly Coffee Cup by yevgenia for an Earth friendly morning cup of chai
6. Three Vegan Soap Set by deshawnmarie for those regular showers we talked about earlier

7. Buddha Silk Scroll by earthsteps for the yoga and meditation room
8. Birch Bark and Lichen Wall Decor by bettula to bring the forest inside
9. Flower Serving Bowl by OneClayBead for fresh fruit and veggies

Happy shopping!

P.S. You could also consider this to be a wish list... Because I may be one of these people.

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