Friday, November 12, 2010

Etsy Gift Guide: For the One Who Is a Little Strange

"He's a gentleman. A gentleman fits in any place." Fanny said.
"A sponge fits in any place. To me, when a person's a stranger, they should act a little strange." Her mother replied.
(Funny Girl)

We all have that friend that likes weird things with class.  I'm that friend.

1. Gather Circle Pendant by AdornJewelry so they can wear they're love for the weird around their neck
2. Feather Cowl in Cranberry by NewDuds (I recently purchased a shirt for the lobster from this shop and I highly recommend them! Amazing quality and super fast shipping.)
3. Pine Cone Lip Balm (in an eco-friendly tube) by ForStrangeWomen (again, I recently purchased a refill of my favorite perfume from this lovely seller and I can't recommend her products highly enough!)

4. Cool Black Sheep T-Shirt (in charcoal) by SpencerButteInk so they can wear their status within their friends and family proudly
5. Gold Branch Necklace by MothHouse
6. Natural Vegan Aftershave by krugsecologic (for men AND women... Because there is something amazing about aftershave on smooth legs.)

7. Bubble Vest by LunaDesignn for frolicking with the fairy folk
8. California Buckye Butterfly by RealButterflyGifts
9. Eden Room and Linen Refresher by MidnightGypsyLuxe (again, I can personally vouch for this amazingly lovely seller, she won't disappoint!)

Happy shopping!

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