Monday, November 15, 2010

The Grateful Project: Day Fifteen

Today I am grateful for the process.

When I get stressed or bummed out, I can go two ways.  One way involves eating things that are bad for me (macaroni and cheese please!) and spending a lot of time on the couch with Grey's Anatomy.  The other way involves getting busy.

I pack things up, reorganize, re-photograph, do yoga, do the dishes, clean the bathroom, scrub the sinks, take out the recycling, work work work.

And today I am grateful for that process because it keeps me going through the days in a positive way.  How do you deal with your swirly days?

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Chris Marks said...

I like being busy and a little bit stressed, I guess I sort of thrive off pressure. In fact I get more self destructive when I get bored, kind of like a cat with not enough toys to play with.

I do have a tendency to stress eat though when things get too much for me. Sushi is a personal favorite comfort food. Which really wouldn't be so bad except that In-N-Out Burger happens to be my other crutch...

Naturally I also like to go hiking to hit the reset button from time to time too.