Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Grateful Project: Day Four

Today I am grateful for hot showers in the afternoon and natural soaps.

The natural cycle of my day goes something like this: Wake up at 8:30a, get right to work, take a 15 minute break with breakfast and my book or journal, back to work, eat lunch in front of the computer, take a break at 3:00p for yoga and a smoothie and a hot shower, work for another hour or so, make yummy food and eat with the lobster, play a game of cribbage or dominoes together, stick in a movie and knit or spin or finish up work stuff until bed time around 1:00a.

My favorite time of day?  Yoga/smoothie/shower.  Hands down.  It'd be your favorite time of day, too, if you had that view from your shower every day.

P.S. The amazing soap is Lavender Patchouli scented deliciousness from DeShawnMarie.  I also recommend her Sugar Lime and Tangerine Birch.


Chris Marks said...

My favorite time of day has to be the first half hour in the morning when the light is soft and the shadows are long, just before I have to tackle the day's responsibilities and I can just sip my coffee and look out my window at the Santa Cruz Mountains.

2nd favorite time of day, the first 5 minutes of my run before I start getting side stitches, sweat like crazy, run out of breath, muscles tighten up and just cruise down the trail feeling great listening to some upbeat music.

Anonymous said...

My favorite time of day is when I get up at 6:00, check your blog, and read your lovely reflections. It reminds me to be grateful particularly after I've had a cruddy day. Love the pics.