Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Grateful Project: Day Seven

Today I am grateful for days spent lazily.

After a very busy and wonderful week I awoke yesterday feeling a bit run down. So instead of the usual routine I popped in a movie and enjoyed the cloudy weather from my couch with my knitting.

I am also grateful for my favorite mug and yerba mate lattes.  My brother saw this mug in a previous Etsy Finds blog post and bought it for me for Christmas last year.  I use it every day.  Gabe, if you're reading, thank you!

It's raining here today and I finished a new hat for my bestie.  I don't think purple is her favorite color anymore, but it was when we met (we were twelve) so she's still a purple person to me.  In other knitting news, I bought some really lovely Quince and Co. yarn from a kind raveler yesterday and now I'm on the lookout for the perfect scarf pattern.  And my last (or second to last if I want to keep that lovely blue shawl) Christmas shawl is almost complete.

Today life is simple.

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Northern Girl Knits said...

Thanks for the Quince & Co yarn link... I'm always looking for new providers!