Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Grateful Project: Day Ten

Today I am grateful for Felton, California.

I like that there's only about fifteen business but two of them are health food stores, one is a yoga studio, and three are fun places to shop for clothes and eco-friendly gifts.  Oh, and not to mention a tattoo place.

I love that the elderly owner of the hardware store knows my name and always says 'What are we painting today my dear?' when I walk in the door.

I love that there are two Chinese restaurants, two Mexican, and two pizza joints but nowhere to get a decent salad.

I love that there are only two streets and one stop light.  And that this little town is nestled only fifteen minutes from downtown Santa Cruz for when I need a bit more hustle than two streets and one stop light.

I love that it's in the mountains and feels really far away but in reality it only takes twenty minutes to real civilization, twenty minutes to the ocean, forty minutes to family, and ten minutes to really good sushi.

I love living here.  What do you love about your town?


Beylah said...

I'm loving these Grateful Project posts, Brie! :) With my recent move and being just a block from downtown Mountain View I'm discovering new things to love every day! So far I've found:

I love that there's an independent middle eastern shop just a two minute walk from my apartment. I love that they have homemade BBQ, vegetarian options, amazing falafel wraps, and the world's largest containers of tahini, israeli pickles and dates. Mmmm...

I love that I am an exactly 1 mile walk to the farmer's market that is year round. Rain or shine.

I love that despite the fact I live in a place that isn't as exciting and busy as San Francisco, that I can in a short walk pop on the train and get there at my heart's desire. I also love that I live in a place that isn't as exciting or busy as SF. I love that despite moving further away from work, my commute is still about 15 minutes, and against traffic.

I love that there are a plethora or Vietnamese and Thai restaurants just down the street that are waiting for me to discover. I love that they post their menus in their windows so I know which ones serve vegetarian pho.

I love that I live so (dangerously) close to one of my favorite restaurants, Garden Fresh.

I also love that my list consists of mostly food related loves.... :)

Leah said...

Oh, that's an interesting question.

I love the smell of rain on the streets in Sunnyside and on the leaves at Coopers Rock. I love the smell of gameday next to the stadium with all the BBQ and tailgates going.

I love the sound of the train, that I've heard in every apartment and house I've lived in this county. I love the sound of the wind as it comes down the mountain and into our hollow. I love the sound of my sons footsteps pounding down the hall.

I love that it takes 30 minutes to go two miles at rush hour, and that students get the right of way in a town where they don't pay taxes and cause lots of traffic accidents. I love that we are only 90 miles from an International Airport and a large(ish) city. I love that we have more pizza, wings and sub places then we have gyms (by 8 or 9 fold). I love that West Virginians are PROUD to be from WV. And that we can't live anywhere where there isn't a mountain.

I love that when I go on vacation, I'm so happy to come back.

I love that my man was born here and now my son has been born here too.

inoxiaknits said...

Felton sounds amazing. :)

As for my tiny little town...

I love that I can see so many stars at night (I didn't have that luxury when I lived in the city a few years ago).

I love the country roads. Some are lined with trees, forming a tunnel for me to drive through. Some are lined with fields of corn that go on and on for miles and miles. And when the corn gets tall in the late summer, you can only see the road in front of you and behind you and nothing but sky above.

I love that I'm in walking distance from the most awesome little ice cream shop ever. 100 sundaes and 100 shakes on the menu.

I love my awesome neighbors who help me far more than I deserve.

I love the summer strawberry festival at the historic train depot. The strawberry shortcakes are delicious! And I love the Labor Day parade.

I love that it's quiet here.

I love that I have a yard with trees and space for the dogs to run.