Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Grateful Project: Days Nineteen and Twenty

I am grateful for escape.

Friday morning, this is what my house looked like:

And this is what I did about it:

I am so grateful for days spent away.  On Friday the lobster and I took a rainy two hour drive up highway one to Half Moon Bay where we went to our favorite pub (Cameron's) for drinks and sandwiches (I had a sauteed veggie sandwich hold the cheese and it was VERY yummy for being vegan pub food), played some Trivial Pursuit while we waited for our food, and then went to Starbucks for a cup of dessert-like coffee (soy, no whip) on the way home.

We took the long way home and stopped to see my parents where we had good conversation and more sandwiches (hamburgers for the rest of them).

It was such a lovely break from reality and it felt so good to unplug from the computer and see different scenery.

On Saturday (day twenty) I was grateful for the time and space to clean up the aforementioned wreck.  Because there is just something about a clean and organized office that weeps with inspiration.

How do you deal with the wreck of the day?

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Northern Girl Knits said...

That sounds like the perfect weekend. I did the same thing this weekend, although I got tired of my apartment being a mess, so I finally cleaned it last night! lol