Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Deal with the Melancholy in Three Easy Steps

Adapted from a friend of a best friend who used the steps last weekend to paint her bathroom a rocking pink with black and white accents.

I didn't realize I used these steps until they were written down in front of me.

Step One: Believe in Yourself (buy donuts)

Or in my case, take a shower. I always feel more equipped to handle the swirly when clean and refreshed. I use all the hot water and only my favorite scents. Do something in this step that makes you feel good. Slip on your favorite jeans, braid your hair, take a walk, buy a donut. Something in this step is supposed to make you feel a tiny bit better about your abilities.

Step Two: Take a Deep Breath (eat donuts)

I eat a cupcake for breakfast. Or a donut. Or drink a big giant cup of coffee. Or tea, or whatever. Something to center me in real life where I can take a minute to think about the next step. This step is all about taking control of your tangible scenario.

Step Three: Just Do It (melancholy fin)

Call the credit card company in charge of the stolen card. Have the hard conversation. Send out a resume. Get on with it. When things in your (my) life feel like they're spinning out of control and I have no bearing, I remind myself that there are things I have control over.

I'm off to clean the oven. (Just do it.)

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