Saturday, March 17, 2012

Caturday: Adoptable Cats

{In which we meet the rescued kitties in need of a home.}

Thumbelina! She's a very adorable polydactyl calico with a huge personality. Polydactyl cats are born with extra toes, so she looks like she has thumbs... Hence the name Thumbelina.

Winston Churchill! Church for short and cute as a button. He looks amazingly similar to my very own gray kitty who is also cute as a button, Geoffrey.

The vet hospital at which I spend 30 hours a week has a very kindhearted doctor who will rescue exceptional kitties from certain death and put them up for adoption. These are two of the four hospital kitties who were lucky enough to receive her care.

Next Caturday you can meet the kitty I rescued from the same hospital!

1 comment:

Silvina said...

Oh my! Church looks EXACTLY like my sweet cat Moncho, the one I had to leave behind when I move to another continent!!! So many good memories!!! It stayed with my mom, so he had a great home until he died.