Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project Creativity. Day One.


... two cups of ginger peach green tea

... new makeup, I feel pretty!

... pictures of my lovely new workspace

... anticipation

... commitment

... pink lacey camisoles

... buying coconut cream white tea (loose leafed, my favorite)

... 'the best things in life are loose, tea and change, for instance'

... looking forward to tomorrow's creative moments

I love fall. All I want to do is roll my fingers in orange red yellow gold green brown paint. I'm very excited about my new art space, and I'm commited to making something new every day. I'd like to never have idle fingers. I'd also like to put together my own book somehow, a recipe book, or at least a nice art journal of the next few months. How to bind it? I need to break away from design work and let myself free on -art- work.