Friday, September 26, 2008

Project Creativity. Day Two.

Today was a 'scrappy day'. I did two layouts in my art journal, and while I like them, I feel that I need to focus (again) less on design, more about the emotions associated with the art.

Sean made something creative today, too.

My first page was an 'observations' page. I like this idea because it keeps me grounded in what I'm feeling and noticing in that exact moment.

Here it is... I'm obsessed with fall colors right now, even though the weather outside today is anything but autumnal.
And the second page is basically an 'I love...' page, which I'm not as in love with as one would hope. Ah well.

Ta da!
On another note, Dr. Krok called today to tell me that he hasn't forgotten about me, and he'd have a decision on Monday (hopefully). I'm going to be an EyeQ receptionist and I'm stoked! More tomorrow.

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