Thursday, October 23, 2008


I painted today!!

I love when creativity hits me from behind and knocks me flat with the sheer genius of it.

I stayed in baggy jeans and a tee, with my hair (unruly today) swept up into a silk scarf and paint under my fingernails. I ate left over sushi, I used brilliant colors, I drank green and oolong tea.

The one above is from a picture Sean took a couple of years ago. He calls it "Life's a beach." I like to call it "Between the clouds." It will probably be a Christmas present for out landlords. They have a lovely shade of yellow on the walls of their living room and I think this will look grand hanging on it.

** EDIT: Removed painting so my wonderful friend may read my blog. **

This one is called "February" or "Fire Roll and Cherry Blossoms". This is by far one of my favorite paintings I've ever done. It may not resonate within everyone, but the different textures and colors and ideas right next to each other are just perfect for me. This one very well may be a Christmas present for my lovely friend Chris Marks. He has my other favorite painting I've ever done, too. Seems fitting that this one should reside with him as well.
I'm also seriously considering having some prints made of these and putting them on I've been wanting to put some things together to sell, but I'm dragging my feet.
These are the first 2008 paintings I've kept in my possession for more than a few days.

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