Monday, November 17, 2008

Lists and such

I sometimes wonder if I'm following some obscure, hidden, self-imposed, life time line. Like, if you had asked me when I was 18 what or where I wanted to be when I was 23, about to turn 24 (okay, in a few months, but still), I would have said this:

Living with the love of my life
near the ocean
With some sort of creative job
and creative spirit
I'll have a dog that's my constant companion
and I'll spend time near the waves and the trees almost every day
Eat right and be active
And a cool car (hopefully my Mustang, but if not, something equally myself)
have good friends that love me

Which is pretty much my life right now... The only less than ideal part is the part where I don't have a full-time job that keeps me busy (ideally) 32 hours a week. And am I this way because this is where I wanted to be? Or because (and this reason is infinitely more me) this is where the wind has taken me?

Remember that the most beautiful things in life are also the most useless. Peacocks and lilies, for instance. -John Rushkin

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