Friday, January 2, 2009

A new year.

My word for 2009 is this. Reinvent.

1. to invent again or anew
2. to remake or make over, as in a different form
3. to bring back; revive

As I was driving home in the dark (winding roads, my companion, a sense of renewal, Alanis on the radio) this word resonated within me. I have visions of what I want to be by this time next year, and these goals are not out of reach. It is incredibly important to me to have something to show for 24 years on this earth... those things live here (in my heart, hearth, soul, body, mind, home). These are those things.

This year I will:

Reduce my footprint. I will begin with trying to buy locally above anything else and by buying bio-degradable packaging (no styrofoam or plastic). It shouldn't be terribly difficult, considering I live in Santa Cruz County and there are farmer's markets and local shops galore. Making this a habit is high on my list of things to reinvent. In this light, no more plastic water bottles! There's no excuse. Also, there's no reason to go through as many plastic bags as we do (mainly used for groceries and pet waste). This can be remedied very simply and I will reinvent the idea of grocery runs and pet waste.

Bring back the body I want and crave. Every cell in my body cheers when I take care of myself the way I like to (want to, need to, crave to). Eating right (greeeeens and fruits!), cutting out sugar and carbs, running (walking, hiking, swimming, yoga, tai chi), and drinking nothing but lovely water with some fresh fruit in the bottom of the pitcher. I like this life for making me feel bright and colorful (vibrant, daring, worthy, healthy, sexy, brave). If I can remind myself daily of the way I want to look and feel, I can accomplish this. Nothing drastic needs to take place, no fasts or miracle diets, just plain healthy living and healthy loving. A reinvention of self. (Also, when I feel like I've accomplished what I want and need, I give myself permission to pierce or tattoo it.)

Work hard for something I want. Of course there are many things I want that will take a lot of hard work, and this is more of a generic statement than a specific. So I'll settle for working hard on a degree, working hard on a career, working hard on reinvention of self (I hope to do this one anyway), working hard on my contract work, working hard on my novel, etc etc etc. I feel this past year has been a lazy (hazy, dreary, boring, trying, lethargic) year... My working hard in 2009 will help me to renew, transform, reinvent.

And there we have it, three rather lofty (and also refreshingly soft, forgiving, humble) goals for 2009.

A beautiful focus on reinvent. Coming soon... 24 things to do before I turn 25!

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