Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thoughts of today.

... Dill always reminds me of my Auntie Rosi
... Guilt. I can eat the skin of a cucumber, but choose to compost it because of the health factor. Which is rather stupid because the health factor contradicts itself... all of the nutrients are in the skin, yet the pesticides are as well.
... Always wash your veggies, even if you're going to discard the skin, the pesticides will cling to the knife.
... Guilt canceled out because I made broccoli stem salad.
... Do I even want to get married?
... The wind is something you can feel but can't see and that makes it something to believe in.
... Rice and lentil salad and broccoli stem salad would make an entirely vegan meal.
... Something as simple as using the same water for the broccoli and the green beans is good for the environment.
... A dishwasher would also be great for the environment.
... I need to do a picture post.

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