Monday, February 23, 2009

Counting down.

4 days...

I thought I would take a few minutes out of the coming days to reflect on the idea of turning 24 and on the many emotions that are twirling me into a frenzy. I'm going to take the 4 days leading up to my birthday as days of celebration.

Age doesn't scare me. Age is a privilege reserved for many, revered by few. What, pray tell, is so tragic about being blessed enough to live (survive, create, dream) another year? This past year has been so full of emotional turbulence, self discovery and sacrifice, change, more cups of tea than I can count, and beautiful growth. Without this last year I would feel very much like a less whole (rounded, open, unique) person. I am grateful for every tear and every smile I experienced in my 23rd year.

So, in celebration, I'm going to buy some fabric today to make myself a new skirt and a new needle case. (I 'inherited' a big glorious box of knitting stuff from Sean's grandparents and I now I get to reorganize!) After fabric I may take myself out for a sushi roll. Because it's my birthday week and I'm allowed to eat sushi every day (or twice a day) for my birthday week.

And because March is a month of reinvention for both Sean and I and we're cutting out carbs. Rice is a carb.

24 here I come!

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