Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 2...?

Oh, glorious life.

I realize I forgot day 3, but after all of the apartment hunting Ally and I did, all I wanted to do was come home to my beautiful home (beautiful man, beautiful life) and sleep in my beautiful bed. But it did bring up some valid points about what a wonderful year 23 was. I found this place.

But back to today. Beautiful weather this morning, so in the car we go (forget the dishes and messes) for a short visit to a couple of my favorite places...

And now we're home, the weather has turned cold, the dishes are being shined and polished, and a sushi dinner is on the horizon.

Today I'm grateful for...
... New tea! Citrus Jasmine, Paradise, and Black Currant for Sean.
... the Bagelry.
... Road trips.
... The fact that my honey and I have made it through 3 February's together.
... Being young and happy and grateful.

And of course, sushi dinner.

P.S. I had sushi for lunch yesterday. :)

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