Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She'll make images of friendly beasts so the young hearts will know that strange creatures can be their friends.

Today is a chili pepper apron (fresh potato salad with locally grown everything, bourbon marinaded tri-tip on the barbecue, Nona's green beans, garlic bread, and iced chai) and sunshine on bare feet.

Today is not a knitting day. It is a sketch book sticking out of my back pocket day, a day for drawing Alice and companions who brave shadows for you, guardian angels and native species.

Today is a day for appreciating low ceilings, feeding souls through feeding bodies, speaking deliberately and with purpose.

It is not a day for painting or messiness, but for a wild and clean-cut abandon within the walls we've created. Not a day for heeding predators, but a day for flying free from those that will eat your soul.

Today is good.

Title from Solstice: Stories of Light in the Dark by the every lovely Jen Lee

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