Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday loves

1... Inspired by the idea of small living. It sometimes feels like we live in a small space, I just wish it were a bit more eco-friendly. Then I would feel like I'm living in a tight space for a purpose! Regardless, as our dream is to one day live on a sail boat, small space living is a particularly lovely interest/idea of mine.

2... A whimsical and inspiring blog of an artist, Belle and Boo. Her work is beautiful and childlike and imaginative! Very inspiring.

3... A bit on the darker side, we have this lovely.

4... The Decemberists rock my universe.

5... The luna moth shawl (rav link) that I'm working on is entirely awe-inspiring and pretty. That yarn from the last post will be turned into this beauty. I've done about 30% and I feel the pattern is perfect for my attention span. One really-complicated-attention-and-highlighter-requiring row followed by a nice and simple one. It's going to be great.

6... Word tattoos. I've been browing google images for days now, and while I've always known the quote, I still can't find the placement or font. I've been thinking one line on each ankle in a nice thick but feminine font. Somewhat inspired by Auzet's tattoos in A Good Year. We'll see.

7... Yellow. Obsessing over yellow right now. Orange has faded, yellow is in the spot light.

Thank you all for your comments on the last post, it's nice to know I reach people... My next post will have some lovely news and a giveaway announcment! Very exciting!


Home of Pie said...

I have always been OBSESSED with yellow. I want do redo our furniture in black and white, do a black and white themed wall and have yellow lamps, some yellow pillows and something else I haven't yet decided on. Yellow was the thing two years ago and I am still stuck on it...yet have done nothing with it :)

c'est Moi! the tink-n-frog said...

The shawl is awe inspiring.