Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Failed attempt

So I'm pretty good at finding inspiration. I have my rituals, my inspiring blogs and websites, lots of art supplies, textures to touch around me, life in my home.

First I look at my inspiration folder on my computer. Images, words, ideas I've saved over the months that resonated within me. Then I cook something (spinach and goat cheese grilled on sourdough wheat bread anyone?). I like that cooking takes raw ingredients (and usually organic ingredients, too) and creates something completely different. Art is like that, too. The structured process of cooking (melt cheese, wash spinach, butter bread, grill) usually helps me loosen my creative spirit. If that doesn't work I make the bed and do the dishes. So that I feel accomplished in the day. If that doesn't work, pull out yarn/paint/paper/pens/journals and play with them. Not actually creating, mind you, just touching, rearranging, organizing, and looking. Sometimes that doesn't work either. Then it's on to rearranging furniture and creating a better space for my body (and hopefully my mind will follow). Going for a walk sometimes helps. Meditation and a few yoga poses. Dusting the bookshelves.

But some days a Cary Grant movie, grilled cheese, and a little bit of knitting is the only way to get through the day.

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