Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend Ideas

I'm going to share some things I love every Sunday from now on. I always spend Saturday alone (Sean goes to San Jose on Saturdays to do his own thing, so I count Saturdays as my day to shirk responsibilities and do my own thing, too) and I tend to browse a lot of inspirational sites. By Sunday my inspire folder is overflowing with no where to go. I'd also like to share new blogs I've discovered, products I like (I'll try to keep these to a minimum, and also try to keep them handmade/eco-friendly/inspirational, as I like to think this blog isn't a commercial), and give you a nice little photo fix, too. So, without further explanation...

Sunday loves...

1 ... I'm loving this idea... Huge out of proportion nature pieces as decoration? Count me in!

2 ... This new blog discovery has made me happy. All of my subscribed bloggers are having babies and while I like babies, I like inspirational reading more. So to find a nice blog that combines all of the things I like WITHOUT babies makes me happy. Plus it's all about eating, crafting, and living. Three of my favorite things!

3 ... Feeling totally inspired by this talk on the brain hemispheres. Take twenty and watch this, I promise you won't be disappointed.

4 ... This crocheted creation is completely awe-inspiring.

5 ... And this! A scrabble tile pendant with my favorite story character on it. I love it so much and wish I wore necklaces other than the ones I do.

6 ... This is a lovely cup of yumminess. I recommend the mate chai. MmmmMm!

7 ... Download this song immediately.

And don't forget that Sundays can be full of wonderment, even though Saturday has passed and Monday is right around the corner, Sunday is a lovely limbo of responsibility and rejuvenation. Breathe it in, release it, and repeat.

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