Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Thursday!

I'm going to put it out there first, I know I promised some exciting news and a giveaway with this post, but I'm not quite there yet. I apologize, but stay tuned! It's coming...

For today, a little bit of knitted goodness for you needle wielding readers. I've finished the Woodland Shawl (very popular Rav link) for my mom. She liked it. She's not so much a shawl wearing kind of person, so I made it more of a table runner type deal for her new and improved house. It took about 20 hours of work with Malabrigo Sock and I love the way it turned out. This was my first lace/sock yarn project. I'm a proud crafter these days. :)

This may be a familiar look to some of you... This was supposed to be a Wisp (Rav link, for those who can't see it, it's supposed to be a shawl). While I enjoyed the way it was working up (I'd recommend the yarn for it... It's Malabrigo Silky Merino in Velvet Grapes) I found the pattern to be completely mind numbing. So I cut it short and added a button and ta da! A nice loose cowl for summer concerts or what not. I like the look of it.

And one more, my favorite new hat, the Amelia (another Rav link). It's perfect for beach going, as it's warm, keeps my hair from blowing about, and it has ear warmers! I have problems with my ears and especially at the beach (the wind kills me) so this is my inspired solution. It's knit up with Malabrigo Worsted in the color called Tortuga (hey, I'm sensing a trend).

So, that leaves me with current projects. We've got a hat that will look something like this except bright pink in some lovely Mirasol Nuna yarn. I'm excited about this one, I think it will be a great funky and fun and light hat for hikes and sitting in the sand with an iced tea and a guitar.

And we have this bear of a project. While it's working up well (the yarn is to die for) in alpaca and silk, it's quite tiresome, and having just finished that project for Mom, this one is working up slowly.

Mom requested some Fetchings like the ones I made for my darling sister, maybe in the green merino I've had so many problems placing? I'm thinking these would make some nice Christmas presents, too.

Oh, and check out what a freaking awesome swap partner I have!! Jenn sent me some beautiful things in our yoga swap... I especially love the pink and blue yarn that she dyed specifically for me titled (get this) Alice and the Cheshire Cat. That is called an incredibly sweet thing to do. I'm touched. She also sent me the most awesome make your own prayer flag kit! I'm stoked to play with it and read all about inspiring prayers. Among other things, there was also some awesome yarn, some gummy bears (!!!), a yoga book, a great pouch, some chai (!!!), and a great CD. Oh! And she so thoughtfully sent me a classic novel by Henry James (that I cracked open last night while pretending to watch His Girl Friday)! Since it's my goal to read three classics by my 25th birthday, this was an awesome and thoughtful gift. Okay okay, end gushing.

Today is for beautifying my house a bit and for working on the giveaway! Stay tuned!


craftygal86 said...

I love the look of that wurm hat! And that hand-dyed yarn is gorgeous! love the bright colors =-D

Petronella said...

Hi - I love your Woodland shawl. Gorgeous color.

craftygal86 said...

Tea swap group?? I'm not a member, but I will definitely find it & join! I had no idea how much I liked tea until I found this store. It has opened my eyes to the world of tea =-)

I would love to do a private swap and try new yarns! Sounds fun! Any requests (colors, fibers ets)?

craftygal86 said...

oh ya! I can totally make that for you! I may actually make one for myself too, its a nice hat! What colors would you like? striped like that one maybe?

craftygal86 said...

sounds good!! I can't wait to see what it is! =-) I will get started on your hat this weekend. Also, I saw online that Teavana does carry that tea, but they're out of stock online:
I can check if they have it at the store I go to.

Have a great weekend!