Monday, June 15, 2009

Mini Road Trip

Down to SLO CA to watch my baby sister graduate college! Oh my!

Hello 5:00am! I haven't seen you in ages. I don't care how you've been, I hope to never see you again unless I've been painting/partying all night long.

Lots of people graduating this year! Too many for one ceremony in fact.

My beautiful family (minus Sean Bear). After the ceremony we went to a small Earth Science department reception where I met Jac's freaking awesome teach and we took lots of pictures.

My beautiful Jessi. She loved her hat (obviously.)

This was so totally magical. We went to this great barn that had been converted into a store/fruit stand/petting zoo! HEAVEN.

Hello Mr. Goat. He was my friend.

Some barn findings that I wish I had bought. I'll have to send Jac back for me. Or go visit again very very very soon.

Jessi and I and honey stick goodness. I love her. And honey sticks. I feel blessed that we got to bond yesterday and learn more about each other. I can see why my sister chose you as her honorary big sister Jessi. You're beautiful.

Then lunch at The Olde Port Inn and back on the road!

... Meeting someone who can teach me how to spin my own yarn.
... Bonding with Jessi.
... Seeing my darling little sister in her element. I hope she goes back to school, she's so good there. I wish that that trait were in me somewhere, but it seems like there was only enough in our family for one child! :)
... Watermelon hats and honey sticks.
... Getting to drive down with Michelle and getting to know her life again. (I wish I had gotten a pic or two of us, but I suppose keeping an eye on the road is more important.)
... Petting goats and sheep and ponies!

Congratulations Jac. You're beautiful.

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Home of Pie said...

Thank you for the compliments, I loved bonding with you too!